Human Developers develops workplace psychological personality tests and was established in 2013. The aim of Human Developers is to provide an all-in-one solution for HR in the business sector, in terms of both assessment and development. The Human Developer Personality Test has been developed and is regularly updated by the following four psychologists:

  • Benny Karpatschof, Dr. phil., MSc Statistics, Department of Psychology, Professor Emeritus at the University of Copenhagen’s Centre for Epidemiology and Screening. Denmark
  • Carsten Rosenberg Hansen, MSc Pedagogy and Psychology, Professor Emeritus, Psychology at School of Education, University of Aarhus. Denmark
  • Jane Bruun, Director of ProPerson, test and workplace psychologist, MSc Psychology. Denmark
  • Sten Frantzen, test and clinical psychologist, MSc Psychology. Denmark

Robert Hopman
 is our marketing manager.

Andreas Reinholt Hansen is our Translation and Administration Manager.

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