We have developed a comprehensive HR platform that provides simple solutions for recruiting and developing employees. From hiring the right candidate to recognizing problem solving skills, we can help you find the right talent for the right position. Human Developers has a long list of successful companies worldwide who have used our products to help them develop the best teams in their industry. Whatever your personnel needs, we can help you put together a winning solution.


Leader and employee development

Recruitment, assessment and screening of candidates

Identification of talents and potential

360° feedback behavioral analysis

Organization development & Strategy development

Coaching and personal development


Human Developers HR platform covers it all:
  • Recruitment, assessment and screening of candidates
  • Coaching and personal development
  • Identification of talents and potential
  • Leader and employee development
  • Organizational development & Strategy development
  • 360° feedback behavioral analysis


Our platform is one of the fastest solutions to learn more about your employees and improve their performance. Arrange a no-obligation meeting with us and find out more about how we can help you: Contact.


I started Frontsetter about three and a half years ago after an extensive background in business education for colleges, banks and government entities.  My company provides leadership education for corporations, consultants, project managers, municipalities and government.  With such a diverse clientele, I needed an assessment tool that brings specific issues to the surface with all kinds of personalities and leadership roles.  Human Developers provided me with a unique application that had the right language to gain client confidence, discover hidden issues and project the needed changes.


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Pia Friberg Krejsager, Owner of Frontsetter

Green Andersen is a consultancy firm that focuses on organizational psychology.

With 40 years of experience in the psychology fields of education, private clinic and business, I was looking for a test that was more focused on personal analysis and had less clinical language.  I found Human Developers testing to be the best I have experienced in my entire career.


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Lone Bløcher Kjøge, Senior Consultant

Momentas is a unique consulting firm that helps corporations identify, analyze and resolve strategic issues within its own leadership or management teams. We strive to help our customers with innovative solutions that recognize skill strengths, uncover weaknesses and develop strategies to utilize our findings. Human Developers’ profiles gave us a tremendous tool to help both us and our clients succeed.

When we first started looking for an assessment tool, we knew we wanted something that could be illustrated visually. Human Developers’ diagrams and powerful visual aids make it easy for clients and their personnel to see their strengths, talents and weaknesses. It also made it simple for them to see how well each team fit together or where they had to make changes.

One of our early successes was with a company who had a lot of talent, powerful ideas and good intentions, but was still failing to reach their full potential. After putting their leadership through the group testing provided by Human Developers, we found that while they had a lot of strong leaders, nobody wanted to listen or follow through on anyone else’s ideas. The problem was, “me, myself and I”. The test lead the CEO to make some leadership changes and we defined 5 new skills sets that every new leader needed to possess to fit with existing teams and promote the highest level of success within the company.

We have also used Human Developers to help us with CEO’s who want to develop themselves in areas they felt they needed to improve, or to prepare themselves for new challenges they wanted to undertake. They realize if you only look at things through you own perspective, you will never know what your blind spots are and you will never be able to improve upon them. Human Developers has proven to be a key ingredient for providing the professional testing needed to bring these things to light. Their professional staff has been a huge benefit to helping us provide clients with the tools they need to pinpoint problem issues and consistently develop winning strategies. If you are not using them, you should be!

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Hanne Laursen, Owner of Momentas

Salesforce 1 is a consulting and training organization specialized in sales and sales management.

At Sales Force 1 we believe that success comes from building relationships with clients and challenging them with how they see perceive their business. As a leading consultancy firm we are always looking for an edge in helping our customers build a better sales force and develop stronger leaders. Human Developers brought us cutting edge tools that not only helped us assist our clients in finding the right people, but also guide them in discovering valuable talents in personnel already onboard.

One of the things we were looking for in the beginning was the ability to test from the sales perspective. Although we had a current supplier providing us with an assessment, we didn’t feel it was giving us the complete picture. One of the difficulties in using developmental tools is monetary results are not immediate and therefore hard for clients to judge their effectiveness. Once we implemented Human Developers’ assessments we found a unique return on investment. Sales people became motivated to improve, to change and to excel. Helping sales people see and understand their own personalities, increased their desire to develop their talents and minimize their weaknesses. The bottom line results were a happier sales force, which in turn gave better long term results. Human Developers had a direct impact on helping us build the loyalty of our clients through outstanding results.

Hiring the right people is crucial to any business’ success. One of our early success stories was a company that was convinced they were hiring the right people, but through using Human Developers programs, we quickly found the gaps between talents needed, and those on hand. Today they insist on using these tools with every candidate to make sure they have the best available information for every hire.

Human Developers had helped us impress our clients with precise results, success in overcoming long term issues and the ability to deliver consistent return on investment. We highly recommend them.

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Birgitte (Jensen) Kjærsgaard, Senior Consultant, Partner