Recruiting and developing a leadership team is key to the success of any business. Human Developers offers a unique platform for testing leaders’ people skills, business knowledge and managerial talents. Testing results are presented with superior visual aids that show results in a detailed, but easily comprehensible manner. We help you build your leadership team with top notch recruits and detailed development of the key players you already have in place.


controller: details, responsibility and structure

strategist: innovative, risk profile and openness

inspiratory: intuition, delegation and convinction

personal power: independence, commitment and confidence


All leaders have their own management style, but the question for the business is whether their style suits the (vacant) position?

A company’s strengths and weaknesses are dependent on the entire management team’s ability to run the business. When the management does not function optimally, the business gets hurt and will experience a loss of sales. Our tests will show if the basics are covered with your current leaders and leadership teams. Next to the basic analysis the tests will analyze the strategic, inspirational and supervisory skills of the leaders. Using our tests the business will get a clear overview what the potential spots and bottlenecks are within the manager and management team.

Our platform is one of the fastest solutions to learn more about your employees and improve their performance. Arrange a no-obligation meeting with us and find out more about how we can help you: Contact.


I started Frontsetter about three and a half years ago after an extensive background in business education for colleges, banks and government entities.  My company provides leadership education for corporations, consultants, project managers, municipalities and government.  With such a diverse clientele, I needed an assessment tool that brings specific issues to the surface with all kinds of personalities and leadership roles.  Human Developers provided me with a unique application that had the right language to gain client confidence, discover hidden issues and project the needed changes.


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Pia Friberg Krejsager, Owner of Frontsetter

Green Andersen is a consultancy firm that focuses on organizational psychology.

With 40 years of experience in the psychology fields of education, private clinic and business, I was looking for a test that was more focused on personal analysis and had less clinical language.  I found Human Developers testing to be the best I have experienced in my entire career.


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Lone Bløcher Kjøge, Senior Consultant